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No transaction fee means savings on your money!

You can buy pre-paid airtime, data, or bundles for all mobile networks using the MiVoice wallet, without paying ANY transaction fee.

You can buy shopping vouchers to use at thousands of stores across South Africa, with NO transaction fee.

Any change that is left on your shopping voucher, can be returned to your wallet. Click here to see where you can shop and withdraw cash with our vouchers.

Remember, a fee is still charged when cash is withdrawn at a shops that allow withdrawals. We do not charge you anything.

Is your employer not using MiVoice to pay out salaries? We will give them a call on your behalf. Click here to leave their contact details.

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MiVoice app user Buying and spending vouchers and prepaid
MiVoice app user Buying and spending vouchers and prepaid

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